We at Bayview Bush Babies Inc. care about what happens to Tasmanian wildlife. We see them killed on our roads, attacked by dogs, shot or maimed by shooters and we want to give them all the dignity that we can.

We do it because we care. We are volunteers and we use our own money to pay for food, vets bills etc.

It is definitely not easy:-

• We feed our joeys every two to four hours for up to 12 months.

• We stay up all night and tend to their care when they are sick and need our help.

• Feeding the older animals with up to 20kg of native animal pellets per week (sometimes 2 bags), 20kg of fresh carrots per week, special lactose intolerant milk formulas for the specific species of animal we have in care.

• We laugh with them when they are cute and funny, and cry with them when they die in our arms (when we have done all that we can do for them).

• Answering calls from the government, public and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at all hours of the day and night to collect orphans (up to 100kms away).

 • We do community education in schools in Northern Tasmania and visit nursing homes.

 • We continually campaign for animal rights Worldwide, in Australia and Tasmania.

 • We are dedicated, we are wildlife carers, nurses, and mums for each and every animal for the time they are with us.

During all this we give them love because we  believe everything on this earth needs love in order to grow to their full potential.


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All donations are appreciated and go to the care and feeding of orphaned Australian fauna


Marcia has been looking after orphaned native animals for many years at her own expense. Please support Bayview Bush Babies Inc., so Marcia can buy special milk, wombat food and vet's time when needed. Her knowledge of how to care for native babies is legendary.


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