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Bayview Bush Babies Inc. (BBB) are proud to announce that after being granted all the necessary government approvals, we will shortly be commencing Australia’s first ever scientific project with a remedy solely formulated for use on wombats with mange.

We have been working with Red Healer (an Australian company who formulates natural remedies for canines and equines) on this natural formula since November 2014 when preliminary trials were undertaken with extremely promising results.

Details of The Project


Common wombat (Vombatus ursinus)


Wombats diagnosed with moderate to severe sarcoptic mange captured throughout Tasmania and relocated to Swansea, Tasmania.

Title of research:

Development of a plant-based remedy to control sarcoptic mange in the common wombat (Vombatus ursinus).

Aim of project:

The long-term aim is to control sarcoptic mange in free-ranging common wombats. This objective requires a three stage approach. This Application is concerned with:

Stage 1 - using captive wombats to develop an efficacious and safe topical treatment that can be self-applied by wombats to control sarcoptic mange and

Stage 2 - pending AEC approval, release of successfully treated wombats into the wild and long-term monitoring of their health (individuals identified and located using radio transmitting ear-tags).


Wombats throughout Australia are dying from sarcoptic mange caused by infestations of the parasitic mite, Sarcoptes scabiei. Once wombats develop sarcoptic mange a slow and painful death follows from dehydration, starvation and secondary bacterial infections.

Not only is sarcoptic mange a significant animal welfare problem, it also has the potential to negatively impact populations causing local extinctions, for example, from 2010-2015 the wombat population of Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania declined by nearly 85%. We aim to develop a treatment specifically for wombats that will kill and repel mites and facilitate growth of new skin and hair.

Maximum likely numbers of individuals involved: 24 wombats

Activities undertaken and methods:

The treatment will be tested on captive wombats diagnosed with moderate to severe sarcoptic mange, followed by a period of observation to ensure that the mite has been eradicated. Once a veterinarian has declared treated wombats fit for release they will be ear-tagged and released back into the wild. Individuals will be tracked and their health monitored to determine their long-term outcome.

Fate of animals:

Healthy and mange-free wombats will be released back into prime wombat habitat in the wild.

Likely impact on species involved (including any by-catch):

There is considerable evidence that any wombat with moderate to severe mange will die; it is just a matter of time.

Veterinarians commonly recommend such wombats be euthanised, so The Project will give these individuals a chance of survival.

We expect that the potential benefits of The Project for the well-being of wombats generally outweigh the potential distress of a small number being kept in captivity for a limited time. Nevertheless, the specific needs of the captive wombats have been paramount in specifying how they will be transported and housed to minimise distress, potential pain and enhance the wombats well-being.

Stress from being held in captivity will be minimised by emulating the wombats natural habitat as close as possible, as well as keeping interactions with humans to almost zero.

The treatment itself is unlikely to cause any distress as it will only be applied to the skin and fur.


Marcia Harvey-Bird

Chief Investigator
and President of Bayview Bush Babies Inc.

BEFORE treatment

AFTER treatment

All donations are appreciated and go to the care and feeding of orphaned Australian fauna


Marcia has been looking after orphaned native animals for many years at her own expense. Please support Bayview Bush Babies Inc., so Marcia can buy special milk, wombat food and vet's time when needed. Her knowledge of how to care for native babies is legendary.


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