Bayview Bush Babies relies on donation for our day-to-day operating costs. Your donation will help us provide:


• native animal pellets (1-2 20kg bag per week)

• fresh carrots (20kg per week)

• native animal lactose-free milk formula

• veterinary bills & medicines, plus transport

• shelters, bedding etc.


Bayview Bush Babies would like to thank all the individuals who have donated.



We would also like to thank the following supporters (in no particular order):

• Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

• Great Oyster Bay Community News

• Landcare Tasmania

• Swansea Community Market

• Earth Ocean Network

• Elsa De Ruyter

• NRM South

• Dept Primary Industries

• Bunnings

• Dr James Harris, Mayfair Veterinary Services

• Dr Tim Laws, Animal Medical Centre

• Kalangadoo General Store

All donations are appreciated and go to the care and feeding of orphaned Australian fauna


Marcia has been looking after orphaned native animals for many years at her own expense. Please support Bayview Bush Babies Inc., so Marcia can buy special milk, wombat food and vet's time when needed. Her knowledge of how to care for native babies is legendary.


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Swansea TAS 7190


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