Marcia and Chris have been voluntary wildlife carers in Tasmania for over seventeen years.  They live on Private Forest Reserve (pristine land), overlooking the beautiful Great Oyster Bay above Swansea on the East Coast of Tasmania. Over the years they have cared for many species including, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Wombats, Bennetts Wallabies, Pademelon Wallabies, Ringtail Possums, Brushtail Possums, Potaroos and Platypus.


Marcia and Chris have always self funded the wildlife, rescue, rehabilitation and release on their property, with no added funds. This has been a costly venture but taken on board with love and the realisation that not many people will do this, they have spent many a late night caring for sick native joeys that have been injured due to motor vehicle accidents.


Costs for veterinary bills, carrots, animal pellets, milk formulas, medicines just to name a few quickly add up, plus fuel to collect the animals. They have done all this without complaint and with no assistance from anyone, until the local council (Glamorgan Spring Bay Council) donated $1,000 to assist with the care of native wildlife, this was much appreciated.


Marcia and Chris love the environment and are totally self sufficient generating their own electricity via solar panels and storage batteries, growing their own vegetables, tending their own chickens and working beehives. Although they can't grow enough carrots themselves for these hungry critters!


Please help with a donation, Marcia and Chris at Bayview Bush Babies Incorporated do great work with our native animals.

All donations are appreciated and go to the care and feeding of orphaned Australian fauna


Marcia has been looking after orphaned native animals for many years at her own expense. Please support Bayview Bush Babies Inc., so Marcia can buy special milk, wombat food and vet's time when needed. Her knowledge of how to care for native babies is legendary.


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Swansea TAS 7190


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